Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage beach wear

Amazing Marilyn!

Her smile and the yellow lifts my mood
Like my mum was...
Did you notice their slender waists...


Those were the days...

Cannes or St. Tropez?

Viva la Diva!

Sheer luxury!

Looks fabulous! For me the stripes lengthwise please....

Little skirts on their bathing suits - neat and fresh!

Let's take the plunge!

He is handsome but...

these Ladys are my favorite! Advanced style I'd say!
The sun on my face, 
the sand in my toes.
makes any day a delight.

Hunting for seashells,
and surfing the waves,
makes everything seem alright.

Building a castle,
fit for a king,
makes all my dreams within reach.

Wearing my shadesand getting a tan,
makes a great day at the Beach.

Author unknown

Whether you are going to the beach or not -
have a delightful Thursday! 

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics via google


  1. Dear Christa
    Very beautiful and nostalgic photos. It was another time, but I think it was more beautiful than today.
    Have a sunlight day

  2. Hello dear Christa!
    I didn't mean to be such a stranger but ... now I blog again so I'll "see" you and your wonderful posts more often now : )

    That poem is lovely and although is not as warm as it has been last week I might take the kids by the lake later today.
    Nothing like the sea of course but fun anyway!

    Love the photos you are sharing here. It seems everything looked better in the 50s!

    Enjoy warm days my friend : )

  3. Good morning Christa,

    This post brought back such memories for me. Some of the costumes are what my mother and sister used to wear. I used to have ones with the little mother thought more fitting for a younger girl.!
    Times were wonderful then, free and easy . The 50's were hold great memories for me.
    great post
    Happy Thursday Christa.
    sending hugs
    val x x x

  4. Dear Christa - you have taken me back to the old days again. I had a swimming costume with those bones over the bust, they were jolly uncomfortable when the ends dug into your skin.

  5. Preferivo quei tempi!! Tra una scossa e l'altra ti invio un caloroso abbraccio...ciao

  6. Hej Christa,
    so fantastische Bilder! Ich mag diesen Pin Up-Look!
    Und für mich biite auch Längsstreifen ;-)

  7. JFK, Robert Kennedy and I have something in common: we like (they "LIKED" and shared )Marylin.
    She was very beautiful and sensual... a real woman, to look at. If I were a man (which I'm not!) I wouldn't go for the anorexic-black bags under the eyes-you can kill her with a kiss-she breaks if you hug her-type, but I would like a real woman, not large, but nicely rounded and proportioned. Let's face it, a juicy steak is better than a boney lamb chop, isn't it?

    Anyway, Christa... thank you for the lovely images and for taking us back to an era when everybody seemed happy and full of life and the men wore ridicolus passion killer bathing suits! They look so funny, poor things!




  8. This looks so special, totaly different than today.