Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girls' shoes

Hubby and I returned home quite late yesterday (or let's say this morning) and some of my son's friends were still here.
 Shoes were all over the apartment and that gave me the idea to photograph them. 
I hope I got the names right...

Hubby is always ready for a joke and he could not resist showing his Italian shoes - so here you go...

The young men were all still wearing their shoes so I forgot to take a pic about theirs... 
never mind... next time!

Hope your Saturday is peaceful and sunny!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  

PS. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my yesterday's post. 
I was very, very touched! 
Shall post the recipe this afternoon!


  1. Girls are so much more thoughtful when it comes to removing shoes in the house. They know the hard work that goes in to keeping the home clean. It would have been fun to see the occupants of the shoes!!!

  2. Message for Paul:

    Dear Paul, I love your Italian shoes! Please use them tomorrow to score a few goals against England!

    I can see those are Italian shoes... extremely well made, as you would expect, lovely colour and stylish. Now I know why you married Christa: EXTREMELY GOOD TASTE!

    Dear Christa, please, please post your apricot cake recipe!

    Huggies and bacetti


  3. My dear Christa
    Great photos! I saw her and realized that in our house apart from the host and my own I have only men's shoes! Sports, normally, hiking, soccer, all groats!

  4. That's fabulous! I have three sons and love it when girls visit, and there are girly things around.

  5. Next time a picture of the owners next to it and than we try to match them.


  6. What a wonderful idea my Granddad always insisted that you could tell a great deal about a person by looking at their shoes!
    Sarah x