Sunday, August 12, 2012

AVOCA - My new love...

Avoca village

The first day we arrived in Ireland we discovered AVOCA Handweavers.

Avoca is a river in the County of Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland. 
A small village on banks of the river is called Avoca, too. 

It's also in Avoca where AVOCA Handweavers are based thus being a clothing manufacturing, retail and food business. It is the oldest working woollen mill in Ireland and one of the world's oldest manufacturing companies. It is also Ireland's oldest surviving business. The mill survives from at least 1723! Travel to and from the remote village was difficult and a barter system was used. The mill was used for grinding corn for bread and spinning and weaving wool.

I was taken when we got out of the car and when I saw the mill's surroundings. I think it is amazing and when I look at the pics I want to go again!

These photographs are meant to tease you!
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow comes more... and there will be a giveaway too! 
Stay tuned and enjoy!

  ♥ Emilie's daughter  

pics 1-9 by me
 pic 10 by Wikipedia


  1. Well, you have done it! you have teased me. How cute is the little village of Avoca. I can imagine many of the old folk , can tell you a tale or two!
    your photos are great , the little cottages and all those lovely flowers ..I hope you bought something from this lovely weaving shop..
    happy Sunday Christa..
    thank you for sharing your holiday with us.
    cant wait for more

    By the way.. how could one forget you.. such a sweet person ..what would blogging be without you.. great to have you back.

  2. Hi, found you via The Smart Cat. Great photos of Avoca, Ireland which is very different from Avoca, Australia which is a beach suburb on our East coast. Thanks for showing me somewhere to look up if I'm lucky enough to get to Ireland again. Anna

  3. Every post is another surprise of you !! You don't need photographer assistant !!Can I use them ,for printing and to put on the wall to my bedroom ? For another time grate photos !

  4. What a beautiful spot and history. I'm looking forward to more.
    Is the gray building in the background of the first two photos part of the mill, or something else? Did they allow photos inside the building?
    So nice to find you!

  5. Hej Christa,
    sooooo schön sind deine Bilder!
    Irland steht auch noch auf der Wunschliste!
    Bin gespannt wie es weitergeht!

  6. Hello Christa

    Your post on Avoca tugs at my heart strings. Your account and photos are spetacular. I will be waiting with bated breath for more of your experience. Below is a link to "The Meeting of the Waters, a poem by Thomas Moore, put to music and sung by the Wolfe Tones. Helen xx

  7. OOps

    I was too quick.

    As you know: The Meeting of the Waters is in Avoca, when two rivers meet, the Avonmore and Avonbeg

  8. If they would like to use it, it could become a nice attraction for this town.


  9. Your photos have definitely teased us! They make me want to visit Ireland again. I relooked at them again as I listened to the song Helen mentioned it was wonderful. Ther is something about Ireland that is so magical.
    Sarah x

  10. never know Ireland have such beautiful place!;)

  11. Beautiful! I look forward to more.

  12. What a lovely looking place you found, looks like you had a great time.

  13. Absolutely inspiring images. Landed here from another blog -- can't even remember which, actually, since I've been doing a bit of hopping about this morning. But what you're doing here is color for breakfast. Lovely.

  14. I love Avoca,I love your pictures, I love your style.
    Lovely hugs

  15. I've never hear of Avoca, I'm off for a look now....thanks for the tip and those pictures you took are amazing.. :o) xxx