Monday, August 13, 2012

Dancing with colors at AVOCA

The entry of the mill... 

These atmosphere made my heart jump... like paradise...


Whom will this blanket warm next winter?

Machine weaving...

I wanted to take this cupboard home...

and this one as well...

Lovely details...

That's what the mill looks like inside. 
A feast of colors - the atmosphere being very informal and despite  the noise of the machines calm.
I felt so very happy here - I could have stayed forever.

Good luck, I was allowed to take pics and I am thrilled to share them with you.

Cheerful Monday everyone and come back tomorrow for part III!

  ♥ Emilie's daughter   

 Pic 1 via web
all other pics by me


  1. What a delightful rainbow of colours used on the cinema chairs.
    That weaving family are so imaginative. Well after all , the Irish are a happy people.
    I love the shoe "lasts".. very different. Do they make shoes..or are they for the socks..!!
    a great collention of old irons..
    fantastic photos Christa.. loving part 1 and now part two of Avoca..
    wishing you a happy Monday.
    xxxx val

  2. Guten Morgen Christa,
    da hätte mich ja keiner mehr raus bekommen :)
    Die Stoffe und Wollplaid´s, einfach nur schön!
    Dieser Schrank mit den Bändern und Knöpfen, wow!
    Ich freue mich auf noch mehr Bilder.
    die immer noch neidisch ist :)

  3. Morning Christa

    more lovely photos for us today!

    Love Avoca and their throws are beautiful.

    Have a great day

    x Fiona

    ps it is pouring with rain here!

  4. Souch a pretty place, I love the colour's.

  5. Dear Christa, this place is so lovely. I feel happy just by looking at your pictures. Lucky you! ( and us!)

  6. Hi Christa. This is a place that came out from a dream. Its full of vibrant colors. No one will feel sad in such a place like this.
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  7. The colors are like a candy store. I love the way they are displayed....and those chairs! Gosh, do you think I like working with color?

  8. What a wonderful place and so many vibrant colours. I would love to have a wander round this fascinating place. So much to admire.

  9. I just found you and love your blog. Will stay a while. Your pictures are great.
    Lovely hugs

  10. Wow what a lovely place and so much yarn.


  11. Wow I thought that the outside was lovely. The inside is stunning so colourful. How wonderful they let you take the photos to share with us. Did you end up buying anything? I don't think I would have been able to resist.

  12. Would they let me move in? I'm in love! Those colors, those chairs. what a magical place!

  13. Another post lovely !Full of colours and beauty .I would like to have this collection of irons !

  14. I received a beautiful scarf from Avoca from my dear friend for my birthday...little did I know there was more then the beauty of friendship in the gift~ I long to see those beautiful colors in person...someday!