Thursday, August 16, 2012

AVOCA - Restaurants and Cafés

These are the sights that make me happy...

this even more...

it's wonderful even when the sun hides behind the clouds...

love the compilation of furniture...

the buffet to choose from.. but only the things on the buffet and not behind... hehehe

Tea and muesli - a feast...
Looks homemade and tastes homemade...

If this place was only near where I live... 
A summer party would be great here...

As you know by now - AVOCA is really versatile.
They have created restaurants and cafés with stunning atmospheres:

Places to relax alone or with friends, chat or just look around, sigh and enjoy being in paradise.
If one gets hungry there are loads of goodies to choose from (all organic) which feed body and soul.

I simply

Have a nice day! 
Tomorrow appears my last post about AVOCA with a giveaway!

Hope to see you then!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

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  1. I just discovered your blog, and I am in love. It is wonderful. Such a delightful mixture of photgraphy and charm. I am your newest follower, Connie :) Please accept my invitation to visit, my welcome mat is always out and I adore making new friends.

  2. Hej Christa,
    einfach nur schön, großer Seufzer!
    Aber wieso ißt du Müsli (und dazu noch mit ROSINEN!!!!) wenn es da sooooooooo
    leckeren Kuchen (von der Beigabe hinter der Theke ganz zu schweigen, hehe) gibt!
    Das sieht alles soooo herrlich aus!
    Ich kann verstehen das du es ♥!

  3. I am visiting Ireland next month so will watch out for these AVOCA stores and cafes.

  4. Definitely my kind of place. Lovely decor, delicious home-made cakes and what a beautiful outdoor terrace. Will add to my 'must-visit one day' list!

  5. Nice places to drink coffee or eat something !Great decor with charm and harmony !

  6. That's a nice terrace to have a drink on and relax.


  7. great post honey, i really love this restaurants!


  8. Hi there, I absolutely loved the Suffolk St, Avoca Restaurant & shop in Dublin & I see you have posted one of my photos of it [5th photo down], which is perfectly ok, as long as you link my blog [ ] to the photo in question. Many Thanks Emilie