Friday, August 17, 2012

a year at AVOCA - Giveaway

As announced and promised during my last posts:
 Here comes my giveaway:
AVOCA`s latest cookbook!

A feast for the eye and the soul!
See for yourself:

Tried this one - wholesome and delicious!

Nectarine clafoutis - I tried it and we ate it in one go...

It's a book with delicious recipes for every season 
 (I have tried some of them since my return from Ireland and
 they were all yummy and tasty and easy to follow)
 and it is a book with simply great ideas and photographs.

This picture looks like it's at AVOCA's but it is at Emilie's daughter's place...
 I hope you like it all the same...

If you would like to participate in the giveaway - leave a comment.
Closure is on August 24th, 7 pm. 
The more comments you leave during the week, the bigger your chance! 
Please note that I will ship the book to every corner of the world.


Here comes the link to the website of AVOCA:

Happy Friday ! 
Thanks so much for sharing my AVOCA passion!

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 

PS. My computer broke down yesterday - it was impossible to restart it and it has to go to the doctor - keep your fingers crossed that he can fix it! Presently I am using my son's - he was not happy but generous enough...

Pics via me


  1. Hej Christa,
    bei diesen Bildern im Buch muß ich einfach mitmachen!
    Das sieht sooooo toll aus!
    Leider kann ich nicht so viele Kommentare abgeben, da ich ja am Sonntag nach Schweden aufbreche!
    Aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!
    Dein Plätzchen auf dem Balkon ist übrigens ganz entzückend!
    Für deinen Computer drück ich dir die Daumen ganz fest!
    Magst du mir deine Adresse mailen, zwecks Urlaubs-Post?
    Mach dir eine schöne Zeit, auch ohne mich, schnüff!

  2. My dear Christa
    Seems to be a great book with wonderful recipes and delicacies.
    The last photo is really wonderful. So by your photos of Avoca,
    we can make a little paradise as you did in your balcony !
    Have a nice weekend

  3. I'm in my dear Christa!!So delicious!!Hope i win!Love <3 !

  4. Dear Christa - hope the computer is fixed soon, and very generous of your son to let you borrow his. One recipe I picked out in particular is the parsnip and hazelnut stack - sounds a tasty and very interesting combination.

  5. Liebe Christa,
    ich liebe Avoca, ich liebe England und Irland, Dublin im Besonderen und möchte soooo... gern.... .
    Also, ich bin dabei!!
    Lovely hugs

  6. Dear Christa,
    I can feel through your photos and stories.. that you have fallen in love with Avoca. It truly looks like a little part of heaven.
    The recipe books looks fantastic. Roast beef and roast potatoes. My mouth is whatering allready. The tarts look divine ..
    Thank you for sharing this lovely book Christa.
    Hope that you get your computer back soon. Its awful when we dont have it to hand.
    happy weekend.
    val x x x

  7. What a great book with lovely photos. Sorry about your computer. Have a nice friday.


  8. Christa

    That is an extrememly generous give-away - wow!

    You are very good to part with that beautiful book.

    The food in Avoca is amazing and the book looks wonderful.

    Hope you have settled home after your trip
    what was the weather like when you were in Ireland?

    It is raining today :(


  9. thanks for this giveaway!

  10. Looks like a good book with excellent pictures. Enjoy it and try out the recepies.


  11. ooooh, I would really really love to win this! What a gorgeous book, just like the store it's named after!

  12. Absolutely adore the pictures and the recipes I have seen so far. Would love to enter this amazing giveaway.
    Fingers xxx and have a superb weekend,

  13. Hi Christa,
    After all your wonderful posts on Avoca all week, I'm sure you have got all of us passionate about it too! Your balcony looks so lovely. I'm sorry to hear about your computer hope it is soon sorted. Have a great weekend.
    Sarah x

  14. Great pics and recipes!

    And a nice link to Avoca!

    ♥ Franka

  15. love love LOVE Avoca! And your photos from this book are stunning. What an amazing give-away! Hope you get the computer fixed soon ...
    - Penelope

  16. I cannot get over how gorgeous this book is - like everything else in that store! Love it.

  17. This week I discovered Avoca... I am in love already. If I don't win, I shall be adding this to my Christmas and Birthday wish list until someone buys it for me! Such a beautiful display of the loveliest things in life.
    Harriet, London.

  18. Das Buch ist ein Traumgeschenk! Ich mache mit :-) und würde gern in die bezauberne Welt von Avoca eintauchen.

  19. Had the Tuscan Chicken recipe from the book at a friend's house. WOW! Now I really do want to own this Avoca cook book. It is stunning. THANK YOU for the opportunity to win it! It's bliss and beauty, as you say on your blog! - Penelope, London, UK

  20. Tht looks like a great cook book.

  21. Hello! I just started following your lovely blog! This book looks great! What a nice thing to give away! :)
    Enjoy the new week!
    Greetings from Greece!

  22. What a lovely giveaway and what a lovely blog. You can thank lovely Evi @ sexta-feira for finding you, she mentioned you on her blog. I think that book looks heavenly and now I'm off for a snoop around your blog and to find your follow button :o) xxxx

    ps. I'm having a giveaway too, pop over and have a go :o)

  23. Thank you for your lovely comment on my own blog, Christa! I'm so glad I've found your blog, and am enjoying looking around it. And still hoping to win the book too, of course!

  24. I never heard of Avoca and now I'll google it, because it looks inspiring in this pictures! And I'd really need a new cookbook. Good luck to everyone!

  25. Love, love, love your blog! Wonderful photos and a special 'feel' to it. THank you for sharing. And I"d love a new cookbook! Best of luck to all.

  26. Well, I came back to your blog Christa, to have another go; and am enjoying looking around your pages! Hope you have a great day.
    - Penelope xx

  27. Dear Emiliadaughter
    I want to participate in the contest for our friend Mättu - would hand over the book to him!
    Cheers Lucio

  28. Dear Christa - hope i was 7pm GMT time otherwise I"ve missed the deadline!

    - Penelope xx

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