Monday, August 27, 2012

Industrial design: Guiness Brewery Dublin

View over Dublin

During our holidays in Ireland we visited Dublin.
 Travelling with three males, I had to go along visiting the Guinness Brewery. 

Lucky me! 
I was impressed by the industrial design of the inside of the buildings! 
I did not pay any heed on how that world-famous stout is brewed - 
all my attention was drawn to the machines, pipes, generators etc. 
which radiate strength, power, a kind of agression but then chic as well -
- in short - 
beauty of it's own! 
I think one can feel it by looking at the photographs!

Feel strong today - because you are!

♥   Emilie's daughter ♥  

pics by me


  1. That fifth image is precious.

    All of these photographs have a strength about them. I don't believe I've ever come across another blog post quite like this one, Christa. You have a unique vision of the world and it translates beautifully with the sheer variety of places you share with us. I especially like the window shots.

  2. Some wonderful robust photos of industrial architecture - I love them.

  3. Impressive brewing! Really shows the power he has. This beer is great but accurate!

  4. Sehr interessante Aufnahmen! Zum Wohl;)

  5. Tolle Eindrücke. Das vierte Foto gefällt mir am besten :)

    Liebe Grüße und einen feinen Start in die neue Woche

  6. Great photos, I don't like the drink but I do like a beer on a hot day.

  7. It is a big brewery. Always fun to see the process and than taste the beer.


  8. Did you know that Guinness has a 1,000 year lease on that land? That is what I call thinking ahead. I love Ireland, I magic country with a rich history. It has been several years since our visit there, I have trip envy! Hope you had a great time, Laura

  9. Christa I loved your photos of the brewery I can almost smell the roasted barley, hops and yeast as I went through your pictures bought back my memories of visiting there.
    Sarah x