Sunday, August 26, 2012


One of Berne's paradises is the Küchenladen
Essentials and also not so absolutely essential items for the kitchen are being sold here - 
BUT I assure you the articles are always beautiful and lovely and eye-catching, 
so that when you are in the store, you believe that all their things are must-haves... 

My photos show what was on display yesterday before entering the shop. 
I found it so cheerful and mood-lifting that I wanted you to profit as well.

Be happy today!

♥  Emilie's daughter  ♥ 

PS. 1
Please forgive me if I am not commenting much these days...
I am busy, busy, busy but I so much appreciate your reactions.
THANK YOU very much!

PS. 2
My computer came out of hospital and works fine again...

pics by me


  1. Good morning Christa,
    We have a shop similar in the industrial shopping area of Evora. Its more for trade than anything else, but the public can buy there too.
    I have seen a couple of things there that i would like to buy.
    I love those kind of shops.
    nice images ,love the aprons
    glad your computer is "healthy" again.
    val x x x

  2. Hi Christa,

    Glad to hear that your computer is fixed.

    That shop looks great
    all the aprons are so bright and fresh,
    fantastic colours too.

    Happy Sunday


  3. Such lovely colour's, looks like a great shop.

  4. Happymaking colours!

    Schönen Sonntag!
    ♥ Franka

  5. Beautiful shop! Thanks for taking us there! :)

  6. If you buy all of these, you must be happy with a colourful life.


  7. The watering cans and oilcloth aprons are wonderful!

  8. It looks a wonderful cook shop, so colourful and tempting. Glad your computer is back home working!
    Sarah x

  9. Lovely shop ! I like the colours in my life ! Especially to the kitchen !
    Nice photos as always !