Sunday, August 19, 2012

Irish Oysters

 Before leaving for Ireland we were joking saying that we would eat at least three oysters every day. Paul and I had the best-ever oysters in Berlin and they were Irish. 
So our culinary dreams grew when planning the holidays. 

When in Ireland, we soon learnt though, that buying oysters is not easy at all and finding them in a restaurant nearly impossible. (We once had them in a restaurant in the Wicklow mountains thanks to the tip of our guide book). 
However, we kept looking for them and one day we passed a fish shop and there they were OYSTERS! Local ones! 

We rushed home and prepared and enjoyed them! They were so fresh and salty - it was a feast!

A glass of  white wine with the oysters - delicious!

Paul opening the oysters

Moritz opening his first oysters

Wishing you all a good Sunday - I hope it's cool where you are! 
Here it is hot and I am suffering from the heat...

♥ Emilie's daughter 

PS. I hope you are participating in the giveway!

pics by me


  1. Hot - hot - hot!

    Your images are very attractive!
    ♥ Franka

  2. Dear Christa,
    What are you doing to me. My mouth is watering looking at those great big Irish Oysters.. you were lucky to have found them.
    Here to they are difficult to come across only certain fish restaurants serve them and that is closer to the sea.
    I unfortunately have to be satisfied with the tinned ones. Funnily enough, i bought some only the other day. I like to have them with a craker , some cheese and a good glass or red wine.
    Lovely post .. I must say Moritz , looks rather charming in his pullover and cap.
    Happy Sunday
    val xx

  3. Hello Christa

    The images are spectacular and in particular the image of Moritz (he could be an ad for Ireland - he is so elegant in his attire). I am happy you found oysters and that they did not disappoint.

    Have a glorious week

    Helen xx

  4. Good morning, I am sitting here with my morning coffee, waiting for the phone to ring. My nephew and his wife, from Arizona, are visiting and although they have to cut their vacation short and pack up their motor-home and head home this morning, they want to take us out to breakfast.

    I so enjoy your blog and your photography is amazing. My husband and I ran a photography studio for eight years until I decided to go back to school. I know that most people think that you need a super camera to take great photos. Untrue. If you don't have an eye for light and composition you'll never take good photos no matter what camera you are using. You have a eye for the camera and your shots are spot-on outstanding. I am looking forward to a wonderful blogging friendship.
    Have a fantastic day, Connie :)

  5. Good thing you found oysters and beautiful pictures. Have a nice evening.


  6. I'm so glad you found them! Beautiful photos!

  7. Lovely photos - unfortunately I think most of the Irish oysters are exported to the top restaurants at home and abroad, but glad you found some.

  8. Das war sicher ein traumhater Tag bei Euch :)) Die Austern sehen schmackhaft aus :D

  9. So glad you found some oysters and made your culinary dream come true.
    Sarah x

  10. Delicious treat especially when accompanied by a superb wine glasses.
    I like the Moritz''s hat. I have the same one in brown colour and I love it!

  11. Hi Christa

    Those oysters do look delicious!

    I love the photos and it looks as though it was sunny too!