Saturday, August 18, 2012

Attention au chien

Our friends Ina and Toiy own a fabulous garden house on a garden plot on the border Switzerland/Germany..
 Since a very long time they have this little toy dog. I think it does not even have a name. 
However, as a little boy our younger son was fascinated and scared by it, as it was leashed like a big and dangerous dog and on top there was this sign "Attention au chien" (French) which means "Beware of dog".
Upon our return home he would do the same with his plushies. 
Up to this day he has not forgotten about it and we laugh and joke about it.

Visiting Ina and Toni in June we all remembered this story and thought it would be worth a post.
So here you go! Meet that little dog! The painting on the door was done by Ina - it is still beautiful after all these years.

I hope you are spending this day happy and smiling with your beloved ones.

Emilie's daughter

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Pics by me


  1. Good Morning Christa
    Wonderful door !The paint is very pretty .Is this little dog real ?No !It looks like plush toy .Your son had clever idea to do with his toys the same !It is nice you remember that moments and now have fun !
    Have a nice day

  2. Christa - that doorway is lovely, beautifully painted, and I like the joke element to it. You can tell that your friends have a sense of humour.

  3. This little dog is so sweet, what a great idea and lots of fun. Indeed a topic to be talked about.
    The door is so unique and lovely, very original.
    happy weekend Christa

  4. What a lovely little story!

    Have a wonderful summerweekend!

    ♥ Franka

  5. Hej Christa,
    so eine süße Geschichte, hab arg geschmunzelt!
    Solche Geschichten hängen Kindern ein Leben lang nach ;-)
    Die Gartentür ist sehr schön, wenn deine Freundin mal hier ist, darf sie meine
    auch gerne anmalen!!!!
    Eine schöne Woche (auch ohne mich!)

  6. What a great story about the little dog. The door is lovely. Have a nice day.


  7. Hello Christa

    The door is a piece of art and how amusing to see the sign.

    That is a beautiful memory and thanks for sharing


  8. The painting is charming, and the dog is adorable! Fun story.

  9. Good Morning Christa, I sat down at my computer this morning and there you were, a new and lovely follower among my list of creative blogging sisters (a few fellows too). I always get excited when I see a new face added to my list, it is so encouraging. I appreciate each and every one on that list and I get great pleasure in the process of sharing ideas and making lasting friendships. Thank you.
    P.S. I am also adding you to my blog-list. Have a wonderful weekend, Connie :)

  10. A wonderful story and the door is so beautiful thanks for sharing!
    Sarah x