Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's a man's world

Since a few months hubby rents this studio with four other men interested in wood work.
They are making boats, instruments, restoring furniture etc.
It is located on the grounds of an old textile factory which is not running anymore.
Opposite the studio there is a cinema playing old movies with old projectors.
It is a location where many artists work and therefore the surrounding is very inspiring: 

Upstairs is the cinema "Lichtspiel".

Entering the studio...

One associate is making his own kajak which means a lot of accurate work for one year...

Sometimes also women are allowed to work there - I sanded off some furniture and painted them:

On the other side of the workshop is a pottery...

Hereafter is the decoy duck hubby is carving presently. 
It is not finished yet but I think it looks lovely and alive already:

A sneak peek from the studio to the outside:

Well, that is where we are spending our staycation at the moment - 
tomorrow we are off to France - Paul wants to buy wood... 

Hope you are all well and doing things that bring joy to your hearts and souls!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. What a wonderful creative place!

    And dear Christa painting - is also wonderful!

    ♥ Franka

  2. You look fantastic Christa!Have a lovely trip in France,and a great Octomber month!

  3. Hej Christa,
    das nenne ich mal Werkstatt!
    Hier habe ich auch schon mal versucht, einen Workshop für Holzbearbeitung zu machen,
    aber auf dem Dorf oder in kleineren Städten wir so etwas leider nicht angeboten!
    Das Schränkchen, das du dort streichst sieht sehr schön aus!
    Viel Spaß in Frankreich!

  4. Hello Christa

    What a marvelous space and I am impressed at how neat and organized they are. It must be very inspiring working here.

    Have a lovely trip to France
    Helen xx

  5. What a wonderful space--so large and light, conducive to being creative and constructive. I look seeing all the tools. Your paint colors are beautiful and the duck already has personality!

  6. Looks like a great space to get lots of work done, have fun in France.

  7. The building and the space inside are great for creativ work! Good you are also allowed to use it ; )

    Enjoy France!

  8. The studio space for the men, looks very very professional. I can imagine they turn out some nice things there.
    Its great to have a hobby. By the looks of things, you will be joining in once in a while.
    love the duck.

    enjoy your trip to France..good buying.!
    val xx

  9. That's a great space and I'm impressed by how tidy everything is. I quite like the outside of the building too.

  10. Such an attractive creative space - to share it with like minded people makes it even more special. Love the plants too..

  11. Fantastic space Christa! Tell Paul that he can enter his "decoy duck" in the next Formula 1 Grand Prix... at the moment it looks like a car, but... remember the Ugly Duckling? One day, that little car will grow into a beautiful FERRARI... pardon... decoy duck! PROMISE!

    The workshop is well organised and full of all sorts of tools... and it's clean!




  12. What an amazing space and how wonderful that it is being reused in such a way. The photos capture the feeling of the place.Your painted furniture looks good, will you a show us the finished article?
    Sarah x

  13. What a wonderful place to create. I feel very inspired!

  14. I am a woodworker, so the place looks like paradise to me...
    It´s indeed a beautiful building.

  15. Ein Mann muß ein Hobby haben, oder? :>

  16. Such a wonderful space love the duck

  17. what a studio! looks like a creatives persons dream come true! interesting inside and out!

  18. What a great area for your husband and his friends to get-together to create items in wood. So bright and spacious. Nice that women can come there too. The items that you are painting look very attractive and it is lovely to see you too:) I like your husband's duck in progress! Hope your trip to France is successful.

  19. It always brings me joy to see old buildings repurposed in creative ways. The whole area has a wonderful ambience about it.

    Speaking as a potter....who is the next door potter? Does she/he have any info on line?

    Enjoy France and the weekend................*s*