Monday, October 15, 2012

Hubby art

Paul has just finished his first table. It's a worktable for our son (I hope he will study hard and not hardly...) The table is made out of old deck boards which he bought at a company specialized in recycling. The boards come from an old farmer's house. As you can see they have marks from wood worms. (The worms are dead though!) Paul abraded, cut the boards in the right size and made a mortice so he could joint them together. (He was so happy and in a productive work flow...)

I sat at the table the other day and because Paul has treated it with beeswax it smells a kind of sweet and pleasant. By the way: The next table is already under construction and should become a dining table...

Hereafter some pictures when we bought the boards (I call it a man's Ikea...)

On this occasion my heartfelt thanks to you all for welcoming me back to the world of bloggers and for the good wishes for my son! You are all a huge encouragement to keep on posting!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. Such a handsome worktable--I would love to have one just like it!

  2. Love that table. Lucky son. It is great that it shows the signs of wear and times past ... M x

  3. Great table and an excellent example of upcycling,we inherited a few things when we bought the cottage one of my favourite pieces was an old oak desk from a univeristy, Andy now has it in the study.Love your term " mans ikea " wouldn't mind a look round myself though :-)
    Annie x

  4. Dear Christa,
    Paul is a true professional now.. The table is excellent. I would love one like that.
    I love the smell of beeswax. I like to use it now and again on my wooden furniture.
    What a treat, that Paul will make a table for you. Lots happening, great.
    happy monday
    xxx val

  5. Oh what a wonderful table. I can almost smell it. He is very talented!

  6. Thank you for your comment on my post. I will show it to my boys and it will make them smile. I am sure they would love to come and meet you and your son. They both want very badly to see Europe.

  7. It's a really lovely table, Christa, but... where's the duck crossed with a Ferrari? I want to see the decoy duck all finished, painted( bright red)and polished.

    Jokes apart... yes, he's done a brilliant job. Well done!



  8. How clever of Paul to produce such a lovely table and I love the history and marks from it's past usuage.
    Sarah x

  9. I loved it ! It looks wonderful and I liked this old view of it !
    I can smell that old wood !Congratulation to Paul !
    Do you remember the list that I told you before ?
    Ask from him anything !

  10. I love how uncluttered it is - means you can see the table! Beautiful.

  11. What a lovely desk, I hope he uses it well. It's great that the recycled wood already has a story.

  12. Wow, der Tisch ist toll! Den gibt es nur einmal!
    Und ein Esstisch in dieser Art wird der Hammer :))))
    kea für Männer ist cool!

  13. Hallo Christa!What a beautiful desk!Congrats to Paul!I hope your son will enjoy it!Wish you a lovely day my dear!

  14. Hi Christa, your hubby is very clever and your son is very lucky. It is a beautiful table and all the more so for having been recyled and made with tlc. Belated birthday wishes to your son, I am sure the party was great fun. Please don't apologise for not posting, we all lead such busy lives, we understand when you don't post, but we love it when you do! Much love to you, Linda x