Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am sorry...

... to bother you with X-mas deco already but... 
I saw these little beauties in a shop...  and found them so very pretty that I had to buy them.
I am displaying them already in our dining room... 
Either you are a X-mas freak or not... and I am definitely one and 
I LOVE it!

Emilie's daughter

pic by me


  1. Don't apologise, how could you not love Christmas.

  2. No apologies for Christmas.

    I have already started with some ideas and will be working on them today.
    This year, i am trying to make my gifts more interesting.. a little of my own touch to them.
    I start to decorate around the 12 of December. Its been a tradition in my home.
    This year, there will be a special box of christmas trinkets for the children, to put on the tree on xmas eve before midnight mass.
    Some of my grandchildren dont get time together living apart.
    I love christmas.. I am a freak too.. so I am in the club.
    lovely little bobbles christa.
    xxx val

  3. Lovely ! It is the correct time !!
    You must think about your decoration !
    I love too the Christmas even this year
    we will not celebrate .

  4. These are so pretty I would want them out year round. We often leave our Christmas decorations up until Valentine's day!
    Enjoy your day...........S

  5. Hi Christa, you go girl! Be a Christmas Freak and be proud. I am with you 100%.Your baubles are so vintage looking and pretty.

    Many thanks for your most positive and encouraging comments. I was most delighted to read them. I had a little operation on my nose last week and am recovering, and your lovely words lifted me. Have a special day, with all my love, Linda x

  6. I love them all!!Christmas are my favorites!Im making crafts for christmas!Im so ecxiting!!Do what please you to do my dear!Have a great day!xx

  7. So pretty!

    (I also bought already some Xmas deco!)

    ♥ Franka

  8. I do love Christmas, but not till December - that's just me! (there is snow on the hills today though, which makes me think about it a little! Lovely decorations.

  9. Oh these look lovely.
    What a pretty decoration.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  10. Hello Christa

    I love your choice of the soft pink and soft green

    May I wish you a very Merry Christmas


  11. Haha, you are not the only one who love's christmas. As soon as summer is gone I hardly can wait to buy a christmastree but when I should it would be without any needles when it's really christmas. The shops overhere are all ready decorated with all kind of christmasdecorations. Year choice of color is great. I like it.
    Have a wonderful evening Christa.

  12. Happy Christmas, Christa! I love your cloche and the lovely glass baubles: they are stylish and subtle, just like one would expect from a lady such as you!

    Nothing wrong with looking forward to Christmas. Here, we are not allowed to, until the 5th of November (Guy Fawkes-Bonfire night!) and we have Halloween before that!

    But I have sexretly bought some gift tag and I have this wonderful wide bright red ribbon coming from NY, soon, for my presents, and... I already posted my wish list to Father Christmas. It went up the chimney last night. But please, don't tell anyone... it's a secret!



  13. YOur cloche is lovely. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty