Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swiss open air museum Ballenberg part I

During our holidays in September/October we spent one day in the open air museum in Ballenberg. It shows the Switzerland of centuries past, giving a unique "live" insight into Swiss history. Almost one hundred traditional rural buildings have been painstakingly rebuilt. In addition visitors are shown how the rural population lived, worked and cultivate customs in bygone days. Demonstrations of thirty traditional country crafts and trades and 250 resident farm animals make Ballenberg an enthralling experience.  I visited the museum several times but this time I looked at it the shabby chic way... and my eyes were not deceived. The first building I am showing to you is a house from Burgdorf (near Berne) built in 1872. It is a patrician villa whose facade imitates a rural style. It was built in the midst of a park-like garden for a textile manufacturer. To me it is the most sophisticated house and as you can see in the inside very, very beautiful!

This artisan's house was built in 1778 and comes from Herzogenbuchsee (Berne) as well. It contains a historical pharmacy on it's grounds which is an attraction to all visitors:

Hubby intends to build such drawers with sunburnt wood he bought. I hope he really will.... 

Did you like this excursion? I hope so!  There is more to come!

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  1. Such a lovely place glad the keep places like that.

  2. Hej Christa,
    das erste Haus ist fantastisch! Es hat wirlich eine Seele.
    Na ja und zu der Apotheke kann ich nur SOIFZ sagen :)

  3. ...ich liebe Ballenberg...und die Hälfte der Häuserdeko würde ich am liebsten "klamm und heimlich" mitnehmen...

    LG Pünktchen Punkt

  4. Dear Christa - on my recent post showing the Cotswolds you mentioned that the pictures represented England to you. With these magical photos of Switzerland you have done the same for me in reverse.
    What could be more lovely than a beautifully carved timber chalet, such cosiness and warmth. I love the candle-lit table with the sparkling highlights of chartreuse coloured glass. A lovely post, and I look forward to seeing more.

  5. Wow. What a fun and interesting tour. I love the pharmacy. I hope your husband makes the drawers too. They will be beautiful! My boys saw your comments on my last posts and wanted to make their way right over to go tenting with your guys. They are very happy to have a destination if they ever end up there. I hope the boys have a wonderful camping trip and that you have a beautiful weekend also!

  6. What a wonderful tour you took us on Christa.
    The old chalet and its so elegant.
    How I would have loved to visit. I love these old wooden chalets.
    I do hope you get to have some of those lovely box cabinets.. P will be very busy.
    The old pharmacy museum is amazing.
    Enjoyed very much this post Christa.
    happy weekend
    val xx

  7. Oh I love the pharmacy. All the photos really.

  8. Thanks for recommendation! I've never heard about this beautiful open air museum. It's so magical!

  9. Are the last pictures a pharmacy? I love the drawers, especially those green ones. What a wonderful place to learn about the way people lived.

  10. My, what a lovely place to visit. Thank you for sharing . . . it is so nice to drink my morning coffee while touring this Swiss building. Have a lovely weekend. Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. Those houses are beautiful especially the first one and I really like the pharmacy, I love those cupboards with the deep drawers, so beautiful.

  12. I love visiting open air museums they bring the history to life. Germany has some good ones and we had a great day out at one in Ireland. I see that this post is part one so will look forward to the next instalment.
    The Pharmacy above is charming and those drawers are fantastic, have you planned what you will use them for once Paul has made them?
    Sarah x

  13. What an interesting place! Love the first house. Looks like coming out from a fairytale...
    and I have some kind of fascination for old pharmacist shops. It's all those lovely drawers and bottles I think : )

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hi Christa,

    Beautiful photos, all so pretty yet mysterious.

    I do hope that your husband builds those drawers too, they are fantastic.

    Have a lovely weekend.


    ps. Christa my name is Fiona and not Linda
    when you visit my blog you always call me Linda,
    I think you are mixing me up with someone else!!!!

    x Fiona

  15. Hi Christa!The old chalet is so elegant!Beautiful pictures!I would like to visit this place!Wish you a lovely weekend my dear!

  16. A wonderful tour !Your photos are nice ! I always liked the containers on balcony with that red flowers !
    I have seen many photos of these chalet and I like the woodwork of them !I am sure that your husband will you make better drawers !
    Thank you for this lovely tour !