Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Growing old...

I am not sure about this post - I just dare. I saw these men in Dublin and found it heartwarming how they talk and listen to each other - they seem to have a pretty serious discussion - maybe they have been friends for years or even a lifetime. Usually young people sit on doorsteps - it is not a common to see older people doing this. The combination of the green and that special Irish red (as I would call it) makes the picture complete.

Enjoy life. After all one is as old as one feels. 

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pic by me


  1. What a lovely photo Christa.
    Two old friends talking about their day.
    Here in my village, there are no young people who sit on the steps.. its the old people. In the summertime, they bring a chair outside their front door and sit there after dinner until the late cool breeze of the evening comes..talking away to each other about the day.
    Nothing unusual about this.. its a great photo.
    happy wed eve.
    val xxx

  2. Why do you dare? It is a sweet moment of two people !
    At our villages you can see the women stay like this !
    They talk , they knit and embroider . This is the way to
    pass their free time !Not in front of PC !
    The men are at coffee shop !

  3. How lovely you don't see thing where I live people are to busy rushing about their lives.

  4. What a charming picture - they look totally contented and at ease in the world - just happy to sit in the sun and while away their time together.

  5. Hello Christa, what a wonderful moment you have captured with your camera. I love it! I love the other comments too!
    Many thanks for your visit and kind words. So glad you like the new header. I would love for you to post about your magazine Landliebe. I always think that magazines I can't get hold of, seem more lovely and interesting!

    Everytime I come on your blog I mean to ask about your header, as it intrigues me. What is the significance of the carved wood figure, and are you Emilie's daughter?
    With much love, goodnight my friend, love Linda x

  6. Hello Christa

    You have captured the essence of the friendship here. The man on the right seems to be consoling the one on the left.


  7. It is such a lovely scene Christa...Thanks for sharing : )

  8. What a great picture and we all get old. Have a nice day.


  9. Amazing picture!You can see it in our little villages old people talking at the stεps!Even here where i live!But a want to know,you went to my beloved Ireland?
    Thank you for sharing this with us dear Christa!!

  10. It's a lovely photo, Christa! I love the door! Really gorgeous and so green! The two men could be talking about anything, really. The man on the right is wearing a suit and a tie... I think he might be an estate agent trying to talk the old man into selling his house! Maybe not... they are somehow related and the one on the right is spending is lunch break with his old uncle (?)

    The man on the left is lovely... all round and cuddly... love his berret... I know... he's French and the one on the right is Irish, for sure, because he looks Irish!

    I love this photo, Christa, jokes apart!


    ANNA xxxx

  11. I love this picture too and isn't it interesting how everyone has there own version of what they might be about. I notice they are both smoking maybe they are strangers and one just asked the other for a light ?

    Annie x

  12. Your photo is wonderful and so natural. It must be a struggle getting back up!
    Sarah x

  13. Wonderful photo my friend!

    I thought I was mad taking photos of sheep
    and then I see you are (almost) as bad as me taking photos of strange men!!!! Love it!

    Hope things are well with you.

    It is wet and windy here
    you are lucky you are not visiting now!

    Had a coffee in Avoca last week
    and thought of you.

    Have a lovely weekend

    x Fiona

  14. Hej Christa,
    das Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte!
    Einfach nur schön!