Saturday, October 20, 2012

The arrival of one cupcake and three matryoshka dolls

These pretties arrived yesterday in my post.
A hand-sewn cupcake and three hand-sewn matryoshka dolls.

And the story goes like this:

I had taken part in a giveaway by Manuela of Lilla Svalan
You know what happened I won a prize! Yep!

Here some photos of the unpacking of the parcel:

What's behind the lovely napkin?

Revealing the secret...

Matryoshka doll No. 1

No. 2

The smallest - No. 3

Pretty cupcake without calories but lovely flowers

And here Manuela's proof that it is all made by her:

Such lovely things made with much love and care! I am so lucky! 
I hope the matryoshka dolls will like me and my home!
 Thanks a lot, Manuela! I am sending you big kisses and big hugs!
 Visit Manuela's blog! I admire here a lot - she seems to be a strong woman with lots of power
 - there is always some crafting, gardening, renovating in her house going on. 

Happy Saturday evening! Enjoy those special hours!

Emilie's daughter

pics by me


  1. Well done on your win Christa.

    The dolls are beautiful.

    Your friend certainly is talented.

    Happy weekend.

    x F I O N A (not Linda)!!!

    ps I forgive you!!!!!

  2. De Metroeshka poppen zien er anders uit dan ik gewent ben.


  3. Hej Christa,
    nun werde ich aber ein wenig rot :)
    Vielen Dank für diesen süßen Post!
    Ich hoffe es gefällt dir und passt zu dir !
    Das ging ja schnell mit dem Päckchen, ich dachte es würde Anfang der nächsten Woche da sein!
    Happy Weekend, ich muß nun Kürbisse häkeln!

  4. You are so lucky ! These beautiful dolls are
    handmade with love and artistry !
    She is very talented person !
    Have a lovely evening !

  5. It's not fair, Christa! I want them! I want them now! They are so... so... beautiful! You lucky thing, Christa!

    Well done! What a wonderful prize!

    They will love your house. I'm sure they will sit on your windowsill all day and watch the neigbours, especially the one of makes coffee in his "birthday suit!" See? I never forget!



  6. Christa,

    As bonequinhas são lindas e um trabalho lindo e perfeito. Parabéns pelo lindo presentes.
    Seu blog é lindo.

  7. So pretty lucky you, they look great.

  8. What a lovely package of delights.

  9. Congragulations Christa, I am so happy for you.
    Its great to get a gift
    Manuela, has made such sweet Matryoskas ..grand mother dolls. I am sure they will love living in Switzerland. ):
    val x x x

  10. What sweet dolls and a no-calories cupcake. Great prize. I am not familiar with Matryoshka Dolls. Google here I come!
    Enjoy your week end..........*s*

  11. Congratulations Christa!
    That was a lovely giveaway to win : )