Sunday, October 21, 2012

Before a sunny Sunday ends... - Ballenberg part II

I would like to show another house in the open air museum Ballenberg. This time it is a big farmhouse from Therwil Basle (Northwestern part of Switzerland). According to the date over the main entrance on the threshing room portal, it was build in 1675. It belonged to a farm with extensive landholdings. Read more here.

I remember my grandparents
having such a bed in the living room

The kitchen - it is not easy to cook on stoves like this -
there is always the danger of burning and overcooking your  meal

Tomorrow I will take you to a house which represents the Italian part of Switzerland. 
It's in this direction...

See you then! 

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. Christa,

    This is just beautiful! I love all of it and I WANT the crochet bedspread. I would like to make one, but so far I have just bought patterns and magazines!

    I love visiting places which, like this one still feel "lived in." Contemporary trends (shabby chic, etc.)become so insignificant when you are faced with the real McCoy!

    I look forward to seeing the Swiss Italian house, tomorro!

    This is truly interesting stuff, Christa!




  2. What a beautiful farmhouse I love the colours. Another one tomorrow too, what a treat!
    Sarah x

  3. It still looks like a great house. Probaly not so energy efficient.


  4. Very interesting to go into the house museum. Its very well kept.
    Are any of the family still living!
    looking forward to seeing the Italian part..
    thank you Christa.. x

  5. I liked the simplicity of this house ! It looks like the people who are living there are in their everyday life with rhythms and problems ! It is a wonderful home ! It a an alive home !

  6. I just love historical homes, so lovely to look into the past.

  7. Thanks for the lovely house tour! I think I like the more modern stoves. Great post and photos.

  8. I love your posts showing the old Swiss houses and their interiors.
    Mind you I would not like that crucifix hanging over me when I was in bed.

  9. Obviously a Catholic home - it's a lovely place. Thanks for sharing; you're a good photographer! :)

  10. The house is beautiful both outside and inside, I love the shutters on the windows and the white and blue inside.

  11. It might seem weird but I do see resembles between the Swiss, Norwegian, even Greek old houses. It is quite amazing!
    Thanks for sharing those photos Christa!
    (more please!)