Monday, October 28, 2013

Last warm day - I guess...

Hubby and I made a wonderful walk today - it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling... the sun shone, the landscape was perfect, the mood happy and positive! I photographed this bench and the geraniums on the way. From tomorrow on the weather is supposed to be miserable and rainy and the temperatures much colder - maybe it will not be that warm anymore until next spring and therefore today will have a special place in my heart.

I hope life is embracing you warmly too!

  ♥  Emilie's daughter   ♥ 

pic by me


  1. Hello Christa
    Delighted to hear of your glorious walk. The picture is beautiful. Thanks for your good wishes and enjoy your week

    Helen x

  2. Glad you had a lovely walk in the sunshine and spotted those lovely geranuims, We have had gale force winds in the last 24 hours it feels like Autumn!
    Sarah x

  3. Such a spring photo. I have never seen such beautiful garden baskets and gardens like switzerland.
    A great photo Christa. November is just about upon us.
    happy days..
    love val x x x x

  4. Lovely colours, so different from the colours here in the Highlands.


  5. Always good to make the most of a sunny day when you are free to take a walk. The seat under the bright geraniums looks so pretty. Hope that is not the last day you can take a walk in the sunshine before winter sets in.
    Have a good day/night. Not sure what time it is there!

  6. Looks like it would be a nice place to sit in the sun for a while. Hope it's not to cold.

  7. What a lovely spot! Beautiful photo, have a happy day!

  8. Lovely photo Christa - I think we all have a feeling of nostalgia at this time of year. Best to make the most of the sunny days when they do appear from time to time as you have done.

  9. Dear Christa,what a lovely picture!!!
    I love sunny days !!!
    Have a nice week!!

  10. I'm glad you got a wonderful walk in. The weather here is getting colder and more unpredictable. We already had snow a couple of times (quite early for that!) but now it is perfect walking weather again for a bit. Lovely bench and flowers!