Saturday, June 28, 2014

Desktop cleaning

 I clean my desktop today. Many pics I saved and I do not remember all the thoughts I had while saving... All of those photos I shall dispose... glad to have them on the blog though...

I guess I liked the view and the calm...

I remember how I loved the idea of the Union Jack on a chest of drawers
Just today I painted a similar chest of drawers but I did not remember this photo... a pity actually...

Ahh this one I remember: the orange table captured my eyes... I thought hubby could copy it for me... but he did not like it as much as I did... so no chance... 

Do not remember why I saved it as it is no really my style... I guess it was the way the blankets were arranged because I have similar ones

I love those cushions and it was a trigger to sew 10 cushions as well!

Here  I liked the arrangtment of the photo... to me it looks like a painting and I still like it

Here I thought to be a lovely arrangement for a cheese platter

These are all flowers... a pic from Chelsea Flower show which I hopefully will attend in 2015! 

A photo my son took! He cought and cooked the trouts!

Here I love the towels and I intended to knit some myself... upto today I did not! Shame on me!

Our X-mas cake - hubby did it and it was just GORGEOUS!

Hubby made this charming little table for a friend  

A photo I took in La-Chaux-do-Fonds on the way to Monsieur Corbusier's house

Our friends with whom we spent a wonderful weekend in delicious and beautiful  Lyon this spring - 
the oysters were yum!

In the Bernese Oberland - hubby and I had a fantastic walk - the mountain on the very left is the north face of Eiger

Here I loved the arrangement
Lemon on a cheese tart is such a good idea and surely very refreshing! Copy. copy copy!

So that is all for today! Now I will dispose all those photos and start anew...

Happy Saturday! 

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥

pics via we and me


  1. Hello Christa

    I am happy your shared these pictures and your thoughts before disposing of them.


  2. Hej Christa,
    mit dieser Union Jack Kommode liebäugel ich auch schon lange! Ich mag einfach alles mit dieser Flagge!
    Auf Pinterest habe ich auch viele Fotos gesammelt, sollte da aber auch mal ausmisten ☻!
    Vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte, darüber habe ich mich wirklich gefreut!

  3. If only cleaning was as enjoyable as looking at your desktop cleaning! It's good to see a post from you. Sarah x