Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Post parcel from Sweden!

It's noon and I came back home for a short break. 
I emptied our letter box and I found a post parcel from Sweden. 
Find out yourself what was in there:

My dear friend Lara has been reading my blog really well. What else could be the reason she sends me this beautiful apron (my son wanted to try it on immediately) and the samples of Occitane products? I am totally surprised! Thank you so much Lara! What thrills me most though is the long letter I received and the paper it is written on:

What should I do with a Picasso? That is what I like! These modest drawings - real treasures and so beautiful! A big hug to those sweet children!

Time to go back to work! Check out your post box when you get home. 
Who knows what surprise it is hiding...

Emilie's daughter

pictures via me

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