Sunday, June 22, 2014

3 of my balconies

Kitchen balcony

Moritz's balcony - the pretty flowers in the front are chocolate flowers -
they smell like dark chocolate when the sun shines on them

Living room balcony - I think I will soon buy a red sunsade . the sedds of the vetches in the back are from  Scotland. They smell sweet and I just adore them

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday evening!

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 

pics by me


  1. Hej Christa,
    wie schön mal wieder von dir zu lesen!
    Deine Balkone sind bezaubernd, einfach nur wunderschön!

  2. Hello Christa
    Lovely to see your post today. Your balconies beckon to stay a while. How can you resist chocolate scented flowers. I would be in the chocolate box constantly
    Hope life is great with you

    Helen xx

  3. Two little oasis those balconies which despite their little space , promise moments of rest and a beautiful view! Wish you a nice week ahead!

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  5. What beautiful places to sit, read, visit, think... I like your balconies very much!